Compass For Your iPhone – How the iPhone compass works

You can now do lots related to travelling with the help of your iPhone all because of the hard work put in by the iPhone developers. Various iPhone applications make use of the compass installed in your iPhone to give you lots of information regarding positioning and directions. Some of the great things that you can do are:

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Get your exact location ¨C If you’re exploring a new neighborhood and are on the lookout for a friend’s apartment, or maybe even a great restaurant to have a sumptuous meal then there are various apps that are available on your iPhone that provide you with detailed information basically utilizing the compass of your phone.

Reach a particular destination ¨C you don’t need to use paper maps anymore all thanks to the work of iPhone developers who have created apps that give you precise directions to your destination. This too works because of the compass installed on your phone.

Locate a place ¨C do you wish to visit a place, if yes then there are various apps that give you complete information of that place namely the proximity, the time taken to reach there from your current location and the best way to get there. So again it’s all thanks to the humble compass within your phone that the iPhone developers have got a chance to build these great apps.

How the iPhone compass works

The offshore iPhone developers have put in a lot of effort and researched on this topic, not just to build compasses that deliver the highest accuracy but also compasses that are: compatible with all versions of the iPhone, easy to navigate and also blend in well with your model of the iPhone. The principle that your iPhone compass uses is that of a magnetometer in iOS.

In addition to this magnetometer there is an accelerometer present and this acts as your digital compass giving you precise directions provided there are no other strong magnetic fields around you, as the presence of any other magnetic field will alter the effects produced by Earths own magnetic field thereby giving you false information. Therefore in the absence of any external field, your iPhone will detect just the Earth’s intrinsic magnetic field, thus giving your device precise directional navigation with respect to that of the geomagnetic North Pole.

But as always the geomagnetic and geographical North Pole does vary, it’s nothing to do with your application but that’s the case with the Earth itself, the extend of this depends on your location.

Even though the iPhone application development team has done its best in creating compass apps, they haven’t met the demand for greater and better compasses in this 3G world. We see that the 3G devices don’t come along with an inbuilt compass and therefore plenty of the compass apps are prevented from working. But the 3G devices come along with an arrow that indicates the North; however this can’t be compared to a compass for many reasons. However the few apps that are present today are surely great and help you reach your destination with great accuracy.


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